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Welcome to Hindu Temple Ventura County

This Temple has been started by the combined efforts of people from Ventura County area to provide our kids knowledge about Hindu Religion and Philosophy. A place where we can celebrate our festivals together, Kids can learn their native language or culture through Bal Vihaar and get to know their religion. To view the Temple deities please follow this link.

Now you can stay in touch with the temple through Facebook. Visit Hindu Temple Ventura County Facebook page and signup.

Temple Contact:     Phone: (805)766-4671    e-mail: hindutemplevc@gmail.com
Address: 6085 King Drive, Unit 110,
Ventura, CA 93003
Temple is located off Johnson Drive exit of US 101 in Ventura behind Paradise Chevrolet dealership. For Google Map and Directions click on the address link.


  • Sunday, March 15th: NEW FORMAT, INCREASED PRAVACHAN TIME, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Bhajan Kirtan and Dhuns - Group participation, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM: Time slot given to Pundit Ji exclusively some bhajans followed by 30-40 minutes pravachan. This week's Pravachan Topic: Sanatana Dharma and its tolerance/accommodation of other faiths
  • Friday, March 27th: Special Durga Ashtami Mata Ki Chowki Session (tentative) 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Saturday, March 28th: Ramnavami Celebration, Ram Jhula Darshan, Puja/Yagna, preetibhojan
  • Sat March 21st - Saturday March 27th Morning and evening recitals of Ramcharitmanas. Navratri begins March 21st.
  • Photos of Holi Celebration with Colors - were fun and over 250-300 people came to enjoy the festival together.
  • We have been having Bal Vihaar classes at the Temple starting Dec. 7th 2014 from 2:00-3:00 pm every Sunday. About 15-16 kids are coming regularly. Please see enclosed flyer for all the details. We are continuing to enroll kids in Bal Vihaar. If interested, Please bring your children to the temple at 2:00 pm to en-roll or learn more about Bal Vihaar.
  • We have started Music classes by Kamini Natarajan at the Temple. Please see attached Flyer

We have been celebrating Hindu festivals with the help of the community. ShivaRatri, Ram Navmi, Janmashtami, Navratri Garba, Holi, Diwali, Lohri, Baisakhi and Ten days Ganesh Chaturthi etc. If you would like any other festival or weenkly celebration, please contact us and get involved.
Photo and Video Gallery for past Temple functions

DONATIONS NEEDED - You can donate now using Paypal or contact us during Temple hours. We can do direct deposit with a copy of void check. Any amount $21 or $11 is welcome.

  • All donations are tax deductible.
  • This Temple belongs to all devotees. If you would like to have certain events/programs for your Region of India done at the Temple, Please contact us and help facilitate as it is our strong desire to have an all inclusive Temple.

Register with our website to get regular e-mails. Keep checking this page for updates.

Temple Bylaws
Here is the fully executed copy of the Temple bylaws created based on the community input. Starting September 2012, there are no titles for Temple management. A lead Trustee (for legal documents) and three sevaks, all selected by Temple members, will run the temple affairs in co-ordination with Priest. The Board of Trustees and monthly donor lists is updated as per the bylaws. Anyone who would like to contribute is welcome. Temple functions are governed by it's bylaws.

All Temple activities are decided in consultation with Priest and Sevaks help co-ordinate the activities with community volunteers.